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Grass fed beef and global warming: a closer look

A resounding “huzzah” was released like so much methane gas among vegans and vegetarians when the UN Food and Agriculture Organization released its report “Livestock’s Long Shadow” in 2006. The well-annotated study alerted us all to “the very substantial contribution of animal … Continue reading

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Changing the world, one meal at a time

Who can make a positive difference in this time of global climate change, regional strife and unrepressed hatred? All but the most distracted of us certainly wonder whether we will leave the world a little better than before we arrived. … Continue reading

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Eating well: it’s not as simple as it looks

I was in high school when I read that vitamin A deficiency was the leading cause of preventable blindness in children worldwide, a deficiency that led to premature death from ridiculously preventable diseases in Africa, Asia, anywhere poverty and malnutrition had settled … Continue reading

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Institutions and local: It’s pay to play

Many people believe that getting local food into a city is a simple, straight line that starts in one place and goes by the most efficient route possible to the destination. A ————– Z, where A is the farm and … Continue reading

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We can’t afford local.

Large aluminum kettles at a Louisville processing plant hold 2500 gallons of simmering beef, beans, tomatoes and spices, bubbling away to create a chili that’s destined for public schools all across Kentucky. Mike, the plant owner, will eventually put the … Continue reading

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Healthy vs. local

Those of us who work on local food issues often seem like a homogeneous group. We all believe the current food system is broken, and we all put our faith in local food to fix it. But on closer inspection, … Continue reading

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“Local” vs “direct farm impact”

To the consternation of many, the University of Kentucky will be releasing imminently a request for proposals for dining services. Citizen, student and faculty groups have organized against replacing the self-operated dining services with one of the big food service … Continue reading

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