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Grass fed beef and global warming: a closer look

A resounding “huzzah” was released like so much methane gas among vegans and vegetarians when the UN Food and Agriculture Organization released its report “Livestock’s Long Shadow” in 2006. The well-annotated study alerted us all to “the very substantial contribution of animal … Continue reading

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Changing the world, one meal at a time

Who can make a positive difference in this time of global climate change, regional strife and unrepressed hatred? All but the most distracted of us certainly wonder whether we will leave the world a little better than before we arrived. … Continue reading

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Eating well: it’s not as simple as it looks

I was in high school when I read that vitamin A deficiency was the leading cause of preventable blindness in children worldwide, a deficiency that led to premature death from ridiculously preventable diseases in Africa, Asia, anywhere poverty and malnutrition had settled … Continue reading

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How cheap is that chicken?

On February 4, Spartan Staffing, a company known “For Great Jobs in Manufacturing and Logistics,” posted that they were seeking 30 people to fill jobs at a chicken processing plant in Beaver Dam, Ky., population 3,409. Job duties would include … Continue reading

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A new year in local eating

The effort to promote local food systems proceeds apace across the U.S. In Kentucky, the Louisville Farm to Table project works to open the local food system to farmers while helping inform those farmers how to grow for particular markets, … Continue reading

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