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Large volume users create a robust food system

I recently came across one of the most sophisticated regional planning documentsI have ever seen, assembled by dozens of experts, depending on scores of stakeholders, and designed to reach far into greater Chicagoland’s future. I was delighted to see that … Continue reading

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Common barriers to changing the food system

The Louisville Local Food Demand Analysis commissioned by Seed Capital Kentucky, has been released, quantifying the demand for local food in the Louisville area. It’s important work that will lend its weight to the welcome changes happening in Louisville under … Continue reading

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Affordability, accessibility, local food

Louisville has a great reputation for being food-centric, with lots of activists and enthusiasts in all imaginable areas — urban gardens, local food, a lively independently-owned restaurant scene and more. Often these communities co-exist amicably, but not always. The affordability of … Continue reading

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Does school food need the nugget?

The chicken nugget is the apotheosis of school lunch, for good and ill. It is the food that all children will eat, and many school food service directors believe it serves their most important goal — to feed children. Yet … Continue reading

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