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Grass fed beef and global warming: a closer look

A resounding “huzzah” was released like so much methane gas among vegans and vegetarians when the UN Food and Agriculture Organization released its report “Livestock’s Long Shadow” in 2006. The well-annotated study alerted us all to “the very substantial contribution of animal … Continue reading

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Institutions and local: It’s pay to play

Many people believe that getting local food into a city is a simple, straight line that starts in one place and goes by the most efficient route possible to the destination. A ————– Z, where A is the farm and … Continue reading

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We can’t afford local.

Large aluminum kettles at a Louisville processing plant hold 2500 gallons of simmering beef, beans, tomatoes and spices, bubbling away to create a chili that’s destined for public schools all across Kentucky. Mike, the plant owner, will eventually put the … Continue reading

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Healthy vs. local

Those of us who work on local food issues often seem like a homogeneous group. We all believe the current food system is broken, and we all put our faith in local food to fix it. But on closer inspection, … Continue reading

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“Local” vs “direct farm impact”

To the consternation of many, the University of Kentucky will be releasing imminently a request for proposals for dining services. Citizen, student and faculty groups have organized against replacing the self-operated dining services with one of the big food service … Continue reading

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What “local” means

Mac Stone, chair of the National Organic Standards Board, spoke yesterday at the annual conference of the Organic Association of Kentucky, making a case for what “organic” means these days, that the consumer can trust the term even as it … Continue reading

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Common barriers to changing the food system

The Louisville Local Food Demand Analysis commissioned by Seed Capital Kentucky, has been released, quantifying the demand for local food in the Louisville area. It’s important work that will lend its weight to the welcome changes happening in Louisville under … Continue reading

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