A new year in local eating

The effort to promote local food systems proceeds apace across the U.S. In Kentucky, the Louisville Farm to Table project works to open the local food system to farmers while helping inform those farmers how to grow for particular markets, and investigate what kind of living they might make.

In Kentucky, there are 84,000 farmers who were raised in communities that depended on tobacco for a living, the way their fathers and mothers, great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers did before them. Now they are wondering if agriculture holds a future for them, or if they should sell the farm for development.

Kentucky farmers and consumers are unique in some ways, but universally representative in others. This blog hopes to draw out the best practices and observations of those more skilled in local food systems, while posing the questions, challenges and understandings of one person’s experience. Please comment in a polite and professional way that moves us all forward.

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